Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government

12th July 2024 23:40


Awareness Creation among stake holders such as public officers, General public and school children and teachers.

  • Public officers are made aware of legal back ground of Official Languages Policy.

  • General public are made aware of citizens language rights.

  • School children and teachers are made aware of formation of language circles.

  • Establishment of Language Promotion Circles

  • Sri Lanka is a multi – cultural, multi – religious and multi-ethnic Country. Persons who speak various languages live in Sri Lankan society. It is essential to be aware of language rights in order to create peace, co-existence and harmony among all communities. It is a foresight of the development in a country. It is through school students that the fundamental base of social harmony can be created. Commission has taken steps to establish language promotion circles in order to create this foundation in schools.

    A language promotion circle is a circle which consists of various activities organized by school children for creating a trilingual environment in their schools. Provisions for this purpose have been granted by Circular No. 1/2015 dated 06.01.2015, issued by the Ministry of Education.

    The establishment and regularization of language circles are carried out as follows.

    Making the schools aware at the district level with regard to the establishment of Language Circles.

    Calling for the Annual Action Plan of the circle to be submitted to the Commission within 03 months from the date of the establishment of a language circle.

    Conducting follow up activities about the progress of the language circles by the Commission, according to the Action Plan.

The assistance needed to establish language circles could be obtained from the following institutions.

  • The Official Languages Commission

  • The Second National Language Division in the Ministry of Education

  • The National Languages and Social Integration Division of the Ministry of Public Administration, Provincial Councils and Democratical Administration

  • The Ministry of Higher Education

  • All religious institutions

  • District Secretariats

  • Divisional Secretariats

  • The National Institute of Education

  • The divisional level language societies established under the National Languages and Social Integration Division