Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government

21st April 2024 03:29


Government and semi-government institutions will be monitored as to whether the provisions relating to the use of official languages contained in the Constitution have been implemented by them. Institutional level audits are conducted for this purpose.

    Identifying the Institutions

  • In selecting institutions for audit purposes, facts such as providing close services to the public and location within bilingual administrative divisions will be taken into consideration.

  • Fixing dates for the Audits

  • A prior written notification about the audit will be made. This notification is given for preparing the essential information needed for the audit.

    Eg. : List of officers who have obtained their second language proficiency.

  • Conducting the Audit

  • The relevant institution is physically visited by the audit team of the Commission

  • Issuing Recommendations

  • Recommendations to correct instances of non-compliance with the Official Languages Policy are issued. Such identified non-compliance must be corrected within ninety days from the date when the recommendations are issued.

  • Follow up activities

  • Follow up activities are carried out to check whether the relevant recommendations have been implemented.