Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government

21st April 2024 04:09


The Commission investigates the public complaints received in relation to the violation of language rights. Steps of this investigation are as follows.

  • Calling of observations regarding the complaints from the relevant Head of the institution.

  • Issuing of appropriate recommendations by the Commission after studying the observations.

  • Providing a period of 90 days to the relevant Head of the institution to implement the recommendations.

  • Conducting follow up activities to check whether the aforesaid recommendations have been implemented.

  • Taking legal action against the relevant Head of the institution in case the aforesaid recommendations are not implemented.

Investigating complaints by the Commission

Complaints are investigated by the Commission in terms of Sections 18 – 28 under Chapter III of the Commission Act.

Redress could be obtained by making complaints to the Commission in case the following rights have been violated

  • Correspondence with public institutions in Sinhala, Tamil or English languages

  • Requesting applications/ forms from public institutions in Sinhala, Tamil or English languages

  • Requesting the service of a Sinhala/Tamil translator at a hearing as per the requirement

  • Requesting translations of the documents from general institutions, in Sinhala or Tamil language

  • Sitting for the admission tests held to recruit for the government service, in Sinhala or Tamil Language

  • Studying a course in other Official Language too when it is conducted in one official language at the higher education

  • Obtaining official letters, circulars and instructions in all three languages

Method of Investigating Complaints

  • Calling observations

  • Issuing recommendations

  • Follow up activities on Implementation of the recommendations

  • Taking legal action