Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government

12th July 2024 23:51


To be the organization empowered to ensure implementation of the Official Languages Policy by all organizations providing services to the public.


To provide for the bilingual needs of the public through reviewing, monitoring, educating and advising on the implementation of the Official Languages Policy.


The general objectives of the Commission are as follows.

  • To recommend principles of policy relating to the use of the Official Languages, and to monitor and supervise compliance with the provisions contained in Chapter IV of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. (hereinafter referred to as “the Constitution”),

  • To take all such actions and measures as are necessary to ensure the use of the languages referred to in Article 18 of the Constitution (hereinafter referred to as “the relevant language”), in accordance with the spirit and intent of Chapter IV of the Constitution;

  • To promote the appreciation of the Official Languages and the acceptance, maintenance, and continuance of their status, equality and right of use; and

  • To conduct investigations, both on its own initiatives, and in response to any complaints received, and to take remedial action as provided for, by the provisions of the Act No. 18 of 1991.

Key Tasks

The Commission is entrusted with four key tasks to fulfil the above objectives

  • Investigating complaints with regard to violations of the language rights contained in the Constitution.


  • whether monitoring provisions contained in the Constitution with regard to the use of Sri Lanka's Official Languages are correctly followed by the state mechanism.


  • Making the relevant parties aware the status and of use of the relevant languages.


  • Submission of recommendations required for the compilation of principles of language policy.